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Wine lovers...

This is what best describes us, indeed. We are a bunch of wine lowers, not connected to manufacturers, vineyards and any trading party... We will try to show the right way to understand the wines, give information about the wines and grapes as well as producers...

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Let there be wine

How the wines are produced, how it gets colors and flavours, what makes a wine a good one...

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Kolektif.Wine Founders

Ertan Atay, Wine Lover

Chief Wine Drinker, drinks wines for more than 37 years, starting with the then very bad wines. Looks for wines that easy to buy and enjoyable to drink. No wine education at all

Martin Zhelev, Wine Pro

Martin lives in England London, where all world wines meet and accesible to all wine lovers with reasonable prices. Martin buys & sells wine, holds a WSET Levet III certificate.

Esat Hacaloğlu, Wine Enthusiast

Esat is the head drinker of all the team and starts with a bottle and goes on. He loves all kind of wines from different regions and specifilally searchs for authentic wines.

Beautiful Woman, Red

She is the one we drink wine for the love of her. When we drink wine, all women are beatiful indeed. So, we say to our partners "Let us drink to see you more beatiful"